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Measuring Return on Social Marketing Investment.pdf (PDF — 445 KB)

Marketing Social Good Key take away points Jeff French 2017..pdf (PDF — 88 KB)

SSM Brand Primer.pdf (PDF — 242 KB)

Socia Marketig 8 Point Criteria (updated) March 2014.pdf (PDF — 207 KB)

Social Marketing Evaluation Planning Tool.docx (DOCX — 39 KB)

30 Things we know about how to influence behaviour.pdf (PDF — 124 KB)

Quality Assurace of Social Marketing Planning checklist.doc (DOC — 904 KB)

Final Endorsed Consensus defenition of Social Marketing October 2013 - Copy.pdf (PDF — 386 KB)

10 Ways New technologies are being used to influence.pdf (PDF — 104 KB)

Up-stream, mid and down-stream definitions related to Social Marketing..docx (DOCX — 37 KB)

Common Programme Planning and Weaknesses check list. November 2012.docx (DOCX — 18 KB)

Principles for Designing Interventions Informed by Theory Tool. NOvember 2012.docx (DOCX — 25 KB)

STELA 4 Step Social Marketing Plan November 2011.docx (DOCX — 67 KB)

Open Analysis Approach to Selecting Models and Theories of Behaviour Change. November 2012.docx (DOCX — 567 KB)

The Intervention Matrix Tool. November 2012.docx (DOCX — 189 KB)

One Page Key behaviour change influences summary November 2012.docx (DOCX — 21 KB)

Cost value matrix and DeCIDES tools. November 2012.docx (DOCX — 455 KB)

Social Marketing Evaluation guide.doc (DOC — 134 KB)

Key Behavioural Influencing Factors Check List November 2012.docx (DOCX — 24 KB)

How to commission Social Marketing summary.doc (DOC — 58 KB)

Checklist for Designing Information Programmes November 2012.docx (DOCX — 22 KB)

15 point Social Marketing Audit Tool November 2012.doc (DOC — 60 KB)

Adopting a Goals and SMART Objectives Approach Novermber 2012.docx (DOCX — 29 KB)

Behavioural Economics Checklist. November 2012.docx (DOCX — 23 KB)

Guide to setting SMART Objectives proto tool.docx (DOCX — 26 KB)

When to use mass and digital media checklist. Novermber 2912.docx (DOCX — 19 KB)